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Dicty Movie: 1 Hour on Bacto Agar

Migration of a Dicty amoeba.

TAP media and agar preparation for culturing microalgae

Project: Production of Lutein from Microalge
Hang Phan : when doing agar medium, you added agar into TAP medium that is autoclaved before or not yet? Thank you so much.
Chinmayee Chhotaray : Can you please describe the work of each chemicals used in the media prep?It would be great help for me.Thanks a lot
p16able : Very informative video! Do you get any bacterial contamination in your culture? If yes how do you take care of it ? Thanks.
setya widhi : hi, I am interested to learn about making a medium for culture algae. I have a question are we can sterilize with more than one-half hours in autoclave? thank you
Aicha Zine : I can contact you because I have more question

How to Make Agar Plates for Growing Mushrooms

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Learn to grow mushrooms!

In this video I show you my process for making sterilized nutrient rich agar plates for growing mushroom cultures.

Lear more about it here:

Agar Recipe for Malt Extract Agar:

For every 1000 ml water add:

20 g Agar Powder
20 g Barley Malt Extract
2 g Nutritional Yeast

Sterilize for 45 minutes at 15 PSI. Pour into plate in a sterile environment.
Danila Senko : I like how the dog looks through the window. Very calm.
steveandthedogs : For god's sake turn the bloody music off.
True Fifa Potential : Is there a way to sterilize without using a pressure sterilizer? They're a bit expensive. Cheers
Peach Plastic : Is there a home-supply-way to do this?
Gordon McPheter : Great video Tony. Very helpful and professional. We really enjoy your Lions Mane and Cordycepts supplement powers.



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