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BOONS - 2.50

BOONS, débarque avec son nouveau clip : 2.50

Merci à ma ville Montfermeil, mon quartier "LES BOSQUETS" 37z à jamais!!

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Artiste : BOONS
I'M LIFE Productions

Prod by : Kams
Réalisation : S7vene Eyes
Recording / Mixe : Kams (IM LIFE Studio)
Mastering : Cat On Racks
Photographie : Mozart93 / Ineshoot / Sobinks93

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(c) I'M Life Productions

How to Find Legendary, Duo, and Heroic Boons in Hades

In this video I go over in depth how the boon system works in Hades: Battle out of Hell. It turns out that certain boons only show up when other boons have been selected earlier. How does the system work? Tune in and find out! Thanks for watching!

It's time to battle out of hell faster than ever before in Hades, with the launch of the game's latest major Early Access update!

The High Speed Update introduces a brand-new suite of lightning-quick abilities that add even more variety to the game's fluid, blood-pumping combat. Here are the highlights:

Key Features

- Welcome Hermes, messenger of the gods, swiftest of all Olympians! His boons make you faster than ever, unlocking new potential in battle.

- Battle New Foes, the death-spewing Soul Catcher and explosive Flame Wheels -- each bringing new challenges to Elysium, the game's toughest biome!

- Explore New Chambers in Elysium, expanding the types of dangers and surprises that await on the way to the surface.

- Gain New Boons, such as 'Battle Rage' and 'Merciful End'! Wield these godly powers responsibly!

- Discover a New Music Track: 'Last Words', a rocking theme heralding Thanatos, the enigmatic incarnation of death.

Plus, we've added lots of new fully-voiced story moments, updated art and visual FX, and more! Read the full patch notes here, inside the game client, or our Supergiant official Discord.

And, coming later this summer: another huge update, featuring the game's next main biome after Elysium. Stay tuned!

From Supergiant Games:
"Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you defy the god of death as you hack and slash your way out of the Underworld of Greek myth. It’s never the same experience twice: Each time you play, you’ll combine the divine might of various Olympian gods with your own, brave nefarious new challenges, and unravel more of the story featuring our award-winning art, audio, and narrative.

Hades is a living game in active development: Expect regular updates introducing new features, events, characters, weapons, powers, environments, and more. We think developing Hades in Early Access is key to making it the best game it can be, which is our goal."

From the Supergiant Games Blog:

Now you can battle out of hell FOR REAL in Hades, with the launch of the game's latest major update in Early Access.

The Big Bad Update introduces an all-new biome, the sinister Temple of Styx: gateway between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. Survive its dangers, and you might just escape from the Underworld -- and the clutches of its fearsome ruler. Here are the highlights:

- Break through the Temple of Styx, the gateway to the Underworld, with its well-guarded main hub and dark, dangerous passageways.

- The Final Battle Looms in a climactic confrontation! Who or what awaits if you withstand the Temple's challenges?

- Battle New, Nefarious Foes such as Satyr Cultists and Gigantic Vermin, who have no allegiance even to Lord Hades himself!

- Call Upon Olympus with the reworked 'Wrath' ability, letting you invoke divine aid in a pinch!

- New 'Duo' Boons such as Vengeful Mood and Heart Rend let you combo the Olympians' strongest powers.

Plus, two intense new music tracks, tons of balance changes, new fully voiced story events, updated art and visual FX, and more! Full patch notes are available here on our web site, in the game client, and Supergiant's official Discord. There's also this:

And, stay tuned for what's coming next! The Big Bad Update marks an important milestone in the game's development. With most of the game structure now intact, the team has lots of exciting opportunity to enhance every aspect. Keep sending your feedback!

#HADES #supergiantgames #bigbadupdate


De la haine aux misérables, 25 ans après l'histoire se répète...

Artiste : BOONS
I'M LIFE Productions

Réalisation : BOONS
Recording : Reventador (IM LIFE Studio)
Mix / Mastering : Mher Varbedien
Chef opérateur / photographie : Ilyane
Post-production : Johnny James
Opérateur drone : Ouardi Sidouni

Abonne-toi à la chaîne de Boons :
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(c) I'M Life Productions



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